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VyperCore is a seed-stage startup making a huge leap forward in general purpose computing performance and security. Our novel processor technology will accelerate and secure Python and other managed-language software. Initially targeting data center deployments through add-in accelerator cards, we are developing a modified RISC-V processor and an associated software stack.

We have raised seed funding to build out our team and develop a demonstrator of our technology ready for customer engagement, ahead of a full ASIC implementation of our processor ready for server deployment via an accelerator card. We have a strong syndicate of leading investors capable of supporting our business through several stages of funding.

Download Full role descriptions (PDF)

Hardware Roles

Design Engineer

With option to be lead engineer

High-speed ASIC design engineer for our out-of-order RISC-V processor, with the option to become the lead engineer of the hardware team.

Verification Engineer

With option to be lead engineer

ASIC and CPU verification including novel and challenging memory management hardware. Option to become the lead engineer of the hardware team.

Cache Design Engineer

High-speed memory

Design engineer focusing on high-speed memories within our processor, including novel L1/L2 caches and other high-speed memory features (such as TLB-like units.)

Software Roles

Lead Software Engineer

Compilers, runtimes and low-level tools

Software enigneer to lead our team and S/W projects, including LLVM modifications, CPython runtime changes and processor simulators.

Compiler Engineer

LLVM backend & debug

Compiler engineer focusing on modifying LLVM to support our new architecture, including pushing more info from frontend to backend to enable suitable instruction selection.

Runtime Engineer

CPython / Cython

Software engineer focusing on changes to a Python runtime, likely CPython or Cython. This will involve deep changes to the runtime, such as removing the S/W garbage collector.

Download Full role descriptions (PDF)

What it’s like at VyperCore

VyperCore is as early-stage as it gets in startups.  We’re fresh from closing our seed investment and rapidly starting our clean-sheet design.  The pace is fast, everything is up for grabs and you have the opportunity to set the direction for the tasks you take on. You’ll also be involved in hiring new team members and forming the development plan.

We’re looking to build a team of people who can think on their feet, take ownership of tasks, and think ahead in our development to keep things flowing. We’re looking for people who can understand what needs to be done in an open environment with few constraints, without becoming distracted from our main goals. Insight and innovation are treasured, along with focus and drive, as are consensus and teamwork too.

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We strive to have a fair recruitment process that identifies people with strong relevant skills who will work well with our existing team members. We believe experience and demonstrable skills usually outweigh qualifications and fancy writing, while at the same time recognising that qualifications deliver experience and good communication skills are vital. Our process typically follows these steps:

Each interview will involve a mixture of technical and non-technical questions, relevant to the role for which you are applying.

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All applications received direct will be treated on an individual basis. At this time, we are not looking to work with recruiters other than ones we already have arrangements with, and will not accept recruiter or agency fees when an application is submitted on behalf of a candidate other than by our appointed recruiter(s), if any. By submitting information to us you are consenting to us contacting you or the person detailed in the application directly, and to store your details for the duration of the recruitment engagement. Please do not send us information on behalf of another person without their consent. We process all data we receive with care and in accordance with UK data protection requirements.